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Re: building packages

On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 10:32:02AM +0200, JM wrote:
> Now I wish I know how exactly I can make .deb packages which could be
> used by the community. I tried a few things (actually dpkg-buildpackage
> or the same with -d) but I m not sure wether this makes the packages
> usable for any box running hurd.

  Obtaining Source and Building Packages

   Extracting a Debian source package requires the file package_version.dsc
   and the files listed in it. You build the Debian build directory with the
   dpkg-source -x package_version.dsc

   Building a package is done in the now existing Debian build directory
   package-version with the command
   dpkg -B -rsudo "-mMyName <MyEmail>".
   Instead -B you can use -b if you also
   want to build the architecture independent parts of the package. You can
   use -rfakeroot instead -rsudo if you use the fakeroot package. You can do
   without the -r if you build as user root. You can add -uc to avoid signing
   the package with your pgp key.

If you want to contribute them to the Debian archive, you have to become a
Debian developer.  Debians Developers Corner has a lot of information about
this and other things you need to know.  For know, send the names of known
working packages to jbailey@nisa.net, so they can be added to the
autobuilder. (you can CC the list)

You can also set up an apt repository your own to provide the binaries for
the community.  I don't have a link to a description how to do that, but
there should be one.  If you find one, let me know, and I will add it to the
web page.


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