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Re: XFree on Hur

Sebastian, your From address is broken.
Please fix it.  I hope you read the list :)

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 09:34:27AM +0200, sebastien ekinos wrote:
> I attempt to run XFree 4.0.2 on GNU/Hurd but it does not run. I installed
> debian package, and the kbd and mouse translator found on alpha.gnu.org.

The kbd and mouse translators come with the Hurd package.
It shouldn't make a huge difference, but maybe binary you got were compiled
with incompatible libraries.

I should remove this cruft from alpha, thanks for letting us know.

> I run the settrans on this translator and all the necessary, but it d'ont
> work.

You should tell us how you set them up, esp the mouse translator.

> When look to the logs, i see XFree does not run because it can't access to
> keyboard.

Then the kbd translator doesn't work. Reinstall the Hurd package, and do

settrans -apfg /dev/kbd
settrans -apfg /dev/mouse

cd /dev;

settrans mouse /hurd/mouse .....(your options)......

> I receive a "no core pointer" "fatal server error".

That's the mouse translator not working.

BTW, in this case I was able to help you, but it is better if you quote the
xserver log verbatim instead reciting what you think is relevant. Always
quote verbatim what you did and what you got, so we can help you best.


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