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Re: Is it wise to try hurd at mobile computer?

> I am successfully running the Hurd on a Gateway Solo 2150 laptop. Some people may
> encounter hardware problems if they are sharing an IRQ or something, but for me the
> Hurd boots up fine on my laptop. You need to provide us with the complete error
> message or with more information on what it is doing and also maybe 'cat
> /proc/interrupts' from GNU/Linux too.
> Also, there's no pcmcia support so unless you have a NIC installed on the PCI bus or
> whatever you won't be able to do networking with it.
> Dan

It is ok for me to try hurd without Networking, but I would like to ask how can I use MAKEDEV to create a file handler for my CDROM?
Besides, can I now run vi with hurd? I don't know how to use ae.

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