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Re: Known bugs about gnumach ide and scsi part and hurd-isofs-translator?

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 08:00:27PM +0200, Henning Riedel wrote:
> Well I got that Hurd running, but it somehow hurt's me ;) .
> I compiled on the other machine a gnumach-1.2 + 1.2-9.diff  with ide,
> am53c974, floppy, lpr and ne2kpci included.
> At boot time it gnumach tells a problem about
> a hd04 or a hd23 ( just one at a time and _without_ the s between )
> Is this a bug?

Well, a low priority one, but it is. Please post the full lines, otherwise I
wouldn't know where in the code to look.

> When I have logged in and try to settrans on the scsi cd0 or cd1 I get
> everytime one or two line(s) containing both:
> # settrans -a /cdrom /hurd/isofs /dev/cdX
> sr_photocd: ioctl error (SONY/PIONEER): 0xfffffff2
> Trying to look on it gives me
> # ls /cdrom
> /    /    /
> No matter, if there is a CD-R or a pressed CD in the drive.

Seems to be a driver problem.  As you have the hardware, you will need to
debug this ;)  Try updating the driver in GNU Mach to some later version
(2.0.latest, or even 2.2.something, or backport obvious fixes).
> Is there a serious problem with the terminfo entries?

Not that I know of.  Please, if you think there is a problem, always include
all the information that is associated with it. Don't make a judgement if
some information is important or not, as you can't make this decision if you
can't solve the prolbem yourself in the first place.

Otherwise we are not making an inch progress, we have just exchanged empty

> There might be serious error's installing a locale's package. A lot of
> error-messages are thrown on the console, afterwards my console
> shows me just "?" on each directory and files, so bin = ??? sbin=????
> aso on each "ls". But doing a cat / <TAB> lists me all possibilities
> correct.

Again, you are not telling me anything that would help me understanding what
happened, not to speak of what the problem is.  I have not seen what was
thrown on the console, and this is one of the most important information you
must provide if you expect us to be able to say anything useful.

> BTW, before and while installing, perl gives me error-msg's about the
> locale-setting's telling he want's to fall back to standard "C" POSIX.

If you have set LC_ALL or LANG, you need to enable it in /etc/locale.gen and
run "locale-gen".


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