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Re: dpkg-checkbuilddeps brokeness

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 01:30:14PM +0200, Oystein Viggen wrote:
> Quoth Marcus Brinkmann: 
> > From the CVS logs, it seems to be fixed in dpkg 1.9.6.  Jeff, dpkg can be
> > added to the autobuilder, but after upgrading, don't forget to repatch your
> > dpkg-shlibdeps.
> Is there any chance that we might get a beautified version of this patch
> into the dpkg package proper?  Any reasons as to why not?

I don't have the patience to do a beautified version and carry it through the
process of it becoming integrated into dpkg.  I welcome any efforts in this
direction by other people, though.

Wichert wanted to rewrite it in python, though, and the rewritten version
worked for us.  I don't know about any schedule for this, though.

I can't give any guess about chances.  If you manage to make Wichert
actually look at your patch your chances might not be too bad.  AFAIU, he
is short on time for such issues currently.


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