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Re: HURD Logo (again again)

On Tuesday 08 May 2001 20:21, Yves Duret wrote:
> i really like it.
> but the 4 colors are a bit too much/fussy IMHO (especially the green
> wich is too green..).

The best thing about Ian's stylised GNUs is that they look just as good in 
B&W as colour, you can even invert colours where appropriate for a dark 
background etc. It depends on the look you want. A Monochromatic logo looks 
more business-like while the colours are more attractive to more general 
users (when that time arrives).

Later I might just plug it into GIMP and Monochrome it bright green on deep 
green and add raster scan lines for a green-screen look. :-)

Cheers, Glenn

Glenn Alexander - The man with no surname and a silly hat.
(Now avaliable in China!)


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