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I have made my first attempt at compiling the gcc-3.0 snapshot.

Basically, I am interested in persuing this because I'd like to see us
switch to the new C++ ABI before we port many of the C++ packages.

Some of the other arch's are already using it, and we're very close to
release.  Ben's been encouraging people to make sure their software
runs so I don't think it will be a bad thing.

Are you willing to consider this?  If yes, I propose the following
sanity checks:

o Hurd needs to build self-hosting. (a gcc-3.0 built hurd must be able
to build a the hurd using gcc-3.0)

o Gnumach (or oskit-mach if it starts working) needs to build

o Glibc needs to cross-build.

o Simple C++ compile that uses the STL.

Do you guys want to field bug reports, or should I send them right
through to the GCC folks?

Jeff Bailey

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