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Re: Plex86 and Kernel Debugging

> My recommendation is to work with the oskit instead of with gnumach.  The
> oskit has good support for using gdb over a serial port, which I would
> think ought to work fine with some sort of virtual serial port plex86 has.

Ok. I'll take a look at the oskit stuff. What are the basic advantages
of oskit-mach over gnumach? Is oskit-mach better positioned for longer
term maintenance as far as hardare support goes? What about
support/development resources for each?

Also, do you have any recommendations for how to learn the "gdb over
serial" and general "kernel debugging" techniques? I'm green to both,
and should read something about them before I try to dig in.

> If you can get some oskit example kernels to work, and use gdb on them,
> then we can start on oskit-mach.  And if you get that far with plex86, then
> I will eagerly start using plex86 myself.

Alright, that sounds like a plan. Plex86 is still _VERY_ slow, but I
think they are going through a revision right now that is supposed to
add a good deal of performance. The good news is that GRUB seems to work
just fine. The plex86 list is fairly low traffic if anyone is interested
in following what is going on over there.

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