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Re: /X11R6/lib

Quoth Marcus Brinkmann: 

> If you have enough room, just copy your whole Hurd partition, or whatever
> you want to be in the filesystem, into an ext2fs filesystem image/partition,
> and run a sub-Hurd:

OK.  The box has a 6GB disk, which after a small rescue-linux and one
hurd partition has a lot of free space, so no problems there.

> Almost. It is confused if dpkg doesn't find it where ldd does.
> With the patch below it will find them, but you will get two warnings from
> dpkg for every lib (because it can find them in the correct location, but
> not in the two wrong locations ;)

Understood.  I'll try the patch out tonight, Norwegian time.

> > Except for the standard /usr/lib/X11 -> ../X11R6/lib symlink (which I
> > deleted - hope that's not horrible),
> It should be replace by a  /usr/lib/X11 -> . symlink, right?

Actually not, as this would crash with /usr/X11R6/lib/X11, which
actually has a lot of useful stuff in it.  I'll just cross my fingers
hoping that nobody explicitly uses /usr/lib/X11.

> Yes. Can you check for conflicts with /X11R6 -> . ?
> I could set the prefix for X to / on GNU systems...

I'll try that tonight too.  (busy night...  ;)

> What do you mean with "works"? Does ^C/^Z work?

Oops, didn't try that.  With "works", I meant "Actually started, even
though I was not root, and xterm is a setgid application linking against
X11 libraries, meaning that LD_LIBRARY_PATH would be stripped".

When in doubt: Recompile.

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