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Re: none

"Purcell, Enda" <Enda.Purcell@cwcom.cwplc.com> writes:

> When you telnet to a unix box you come in on either vty or tty ports as
> standard, what I want
> to be able to do is to telnet to the unix box IPADDRESS:PORTa, I want this
> to always
> connect me to " vty/tty 1" if I telnet to IPADDRESS:PORTb This should
> connect me to "
> vty/tty 2" and so on.
> So basically the port that i telnet onto would determine the vty/tty port
> that I get assigned by
> the unix host.

I don't think there's any easy way to do that. What would you want to
happen if you have two connections to host:4711 at the same time?

So you'd have to hack the telnet daemon so that it (i) only allows a
single connection at any time, (ii) allocates a specific pty-pair at
startup (so that no other random process will get the pty you want).

Further more, I'm not sure if the modern UNIX98 way to handle pty:s
let's you allocate a specific pty pair at all.

And finally, what has all this got to do with the Debian Hurd project? 


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