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Re: /etc/cron.daily/standard: the df issue again

Joost van Baal <joostvb-debian-hurd@mdcc.cx> writes:

> I would love to get rid of the locate-call, but don't know how.

locate is evil. I for one, don't have it installed. You could use it
if /var/lib/locate/locatedb exists, and fall back to "find",

No, forget about that. The point of the code is to inform the admin of
droppings that fsck left in lost+found. Since automatic fsck will only
do filesystems mentioned in /etc/fstab, it is enough to parse that

> I'm considering filing a bug against the cron package.  Would that be 
> appropriate?

Parsing /etc/fstab could be argued to be more correct for Linux, too,
as it skips filesystems that are not automatically checked, but
mounted at the moment.

OTOH, modifying df to (somewhat) work without parameters would be
fine, too. Defaulting to output just those partitions mentioned in
/etc/fstab would suffice, IMHO. That would fix the cron script, too.


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