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Re: LSH 1.2 works on systems that lack /dev/random?

Jeff Bailey <jbailey@nisa.net> writes:

> I have sucesfully built the lsh-utils Debian package.  When I install
> it, though, I get:

Which version was it?

> Working, please wait...                                     Generating a new host key: /etc/lsh_host_keyunix_random.c: background_poll read failed (errno = 1073741859): Resource temporarily unavailable

It seems like reading the stdout of one of the programs (the first?)
fails. I have no idea what "Resource temporarily unavailable" would
mean in this context. Before reading, the code has called poll, and
at least one of POLLIN and POLLHUP was set.

> lsh-keygen: Could not get enough entropy from the environment.

That's a consequence of the entropy collector's failure earlier (the
background poll is actually a separate child process; it writes an
entropy estimate and a hash of the collected data to its stdout when

> Does the magical entropy generator only work after the keys have been created?

No, it doesn't depend on the keys.


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