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Re: pfinet.multi

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 05:19:40PM -0700, Me wrote:
>   Has the pfinet translater that can take an arbitrary
> number of NIC's integrated into the hurd yet?

Yes, you can just specify multiple interfaces on the command line:

pfinet -i eth0 -a -i dummy0 -a ...

However, to get Mach recognizing more than one NIC, you have to define
ETH1_ADDR and ETH1_IRQ in gnumach/linux/dev/drivers/net/Space.c
for your second card, as it is not autoprobed. With some editing of that
file, you might even be able to recognize more than two.

You'd be the first to actually try this out, as far as I know.  Please
report back with any success or failure story. I hacked this in but couldn't
test with two ether cards (I only tested tunnel/dummy, dummy/dummy,
eth0/dummy etc).


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