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Re: Hurd as router/NAT

tb@becket.net (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) writes:

> It's OK if it just does the Linux interface, but I'd note that there
> are really only like three programs at most that need to use the
> interface, so it's fine if it's just something different.  (In which
> case, you would want to provide the right hooks for route, netstat,
> and gated.)

How does things like netfilter fit into the picture? I think I've
asked about that before, but I'm still curious about any plans or
ideas you have for that. The point is that there are some linux
*kernel* interfaces related to networking that it might make sense to
make visible for rpc, not only interfaces between kernel and user
space programs.

Or is it totally out of the question (for performance reasons) to have
each packet pass through a few rpc calls?


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