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Re: Known bugs about gnumach ide and scsi part and hurd-isofs-translator?

On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 09:29:40PM +0200, Henning Riedel wrote:
> Hopefully, the included Makefiles are useful for you, as I just sending them
> from by outlook. I've found some ^L chars in them, and I wouldn't be
> surprised if they don't actually belong there.

The ^L is used as a page seperator in GNU source files, so the file is
seperated into logical chunks.

I am not sure why you posted the Makefiles.  They seem to come from the
Hurd.  The kernel is GNU Mach, the Hurd is the Hurd.  So I suspect you were
trying to compile the Hurd (not the kernel).  I suspect you were doing


This doesn't seem to work then.  We always build in a sub dir like this:

mkdir build
cd build

This has the advantage of seperating the object files from the source files.
A rm -fR build can be used to purge it.

As we never build directly in the source dir, there mightbe bugs preventing
it.  You seem to have encountered such a bug.  It's a low priority to fix
but thanks for letting us now that there are problems.

> Some other problem that came up, was the locales-stuff, which gave me
> at install per dpkg -i  of the locales-package the errors found in the
> locales_err.log.

Yes, there seems to be a problem.  I will try to look into it.
> For the errors about the hd04 or the hd23, I can't provide a log-file, since
> the "cat /dev/klog >/tmp/boot.log" doesn't work. The size of the boot.log
> is everytime 0 bytes. When I do a "cat /dev/klog" , the messages come up
> on screen, but a redirection won't work.

What exactly are you doing?  After "cat /dev/klog > /tmp/boot.log", does
it return to the prompt, or sit there? If the latter, what do you press to
interrupt it.

Note that you can only read it out once.  So if you first do "cat
/dev/klog", and then a redirection or repeat the command, it will always
print nothing.


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