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Re: gcc-3.0

> I have made my first attempt at compiling the gcc-3.0 snapshot.

Great.  Note that the person with the most clue about 
GCC on hurd is Mark Kettenis.

> Are you willing to consider this?

I leave it to Marcus to decide which GCC version we want to use in general.
But it certainly seems like a good thing to do all the testing you
mentioned with the new GCC and fix the bugs that come up.

> Do you guys want to field bug reports, or should I send them right
> through to the GCC folks?

Use your judgment.  For any Hurd-specific issue, we want to consider it
here before deciding on what to tell the GCC folks is the right solution
for the Hurd.  But e.g. if the compiler crashes, then there's no need to
filter than through us before reporting it as a GCC bug.

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