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The Hurd package system

> 2 things:
> 1) In what way would it benefit? 
[a BSD style ports/system collection/release]

Linux seems to be a loosly knit collection of different packages where BSD
seems to be a complete system.  

ex: To upgrade your Linux kernel you have to download the kernel, read the
Documentation/Changes and then fetch and update 3-5 packages from
different sites then build the kernel.  with BSD the entire system is
there!  When updating the kernel it fetches and rebuilds all of the
appropriate tools then rebuilds the kernel with them, just a few commands,
no searching around the web for the right version of util-linux or
whatever.  I liked the cohesiveness of their releases and really miss it
in the Linux community.  If anyone is interested in this type of
distribution for the Hurd, I would be more than willing to help in its
creation.  If not, I will deal with it :-)  Perhaps you are right, most
people don't really want their systems to be so tightly joined.
Is this the right place for this discussion?  If not here, where?


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