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Re: RPM-based Hurd distro (was : Re: Hurd F1 ISO and booting)

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 02:07:45PM +0200, Andreas L. Gustafsson wrote:
> But I think your asessment is correct. It takes quite awhile for me to get
> my grips about the Hurd, and dpkg isn't helping.

Well, although there are certain issues with using dpkg, you don't need
to work on them to do useful contribution.  There is plenty of completely
unrelated development to do, and dpkg/apt are not that hard to use from
an end-users perspective.

> Well, we'll see what
> happens. Maybe I'll get used to it. It's major "sell point", apt, isn't
> much use for me since I live behind a 28.8 modem and can't download
> updates just because I want it. Unless they are small...

Apt is not limited to network access. It can also be used to upgrade
one version of a complete distribution to another. For example,
if you have a potato Debian, and woody gets released, you do:

apt-get update # pointing to your CD
apt-get dist-upgrade

and it will update all your packages to the new version in the correct

I think the major selling point of apt is its package ordering
capabilities for installation and upgrading.

> Nope, I don't think packaging is "important" it's just
> covenient(sp?). What I *do* think is really, really important is
> documentation. Almost every Free Software project is lacking in that 
> area. If I can help with it, I will.

You can :)


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