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Re: Help and task lists

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 11:00:36AM +0200, Jérôme Marant wrote:
>   This is mainly the kind of information (or infrastructure) missing
>   in many projects and that may slow them down, for instance avoiding
>   duplication of efforts, tracking progress ...

For us core members, there is a lot of things to do, and it doesn't appear
that there are a lot of duplicated efforts or something like that.
While the amount of work to be done is certainly amazing, the amount of
actual work being done currently is small enough so we have a rather clear
idea on who is working on what etc.  If you need to find out, you are always
free to ask.

So organizing existing efforts is not a huge priority for me right now,
and organizing possible efforts (what needs to be done) is very time
consuming and not a necessity either.  I would think differently
about it if there were a long queue of contributors who just wait for
some work to be done, but I am not aware of it (I'd like to be proven wrong
on that!).

If you just need something to work on for yourself, you are welcome to pick
something that you'd like to do (most people do that according to their
preferences), or you can ask.  In any case, announce what you plan to do and
it will be alright.  For example, if you want to work on task lists and
check lists of what needs to be done, you are welcome to do that, too.

This project is so big that help is needed almost everywhere.  I am also
always happy to give advice, but I need some input (what you'd like to do,
how much time you have to spend and how much you already know).


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