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Re: OSKit-Mach sources

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 02:28:07PM +0100, bertrand.sirodot@bnpparibas.com wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I know this has been explained in the mailing list archives, but I have
> tried to do a search in the archive and it seems that the search engine at
> Debian is not working anymore.
> What is the current status of The Hurd on OSKit-mach?
> Where can I find the sources of the OSKit-mach kernel?

There is a temporary page for GNU Mach (and oskit-mach):
http://debian.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/~ogi/hurd/hurd.gnu.org/gnumach.html  The
status is not changed from what Roland McGrath said.  There is information
how to get and build oskit-mach.

BTW I'll appreciate any comments and bug fixes in this paper.  It will
disappear till a week and will be included in the new http://hurd.gnu.org in
separate pages.

Ognyan Kulev <ogi@fmi.uni-sofia.bg>, "\"Programmer\""

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