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Re: Is it wise to try hurd at mobile computer?

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 12:19:18AM +0800, mailing wrote:
> I would like to try out hurd, as I believe there is market price for open source Microkernels OS.
> As I use my desktop for a deployment server now so I can't try hurd with it, I need to install in my mobile computer. However I encounter some problems of this, I would like to ask, should try hurd at mobile? Is it not support mobile computer now?

I am successfully running the Hurd on a Gateway Solo 2150 laptop. Some people may
encounter hardware problems if they are sharing an IRQ or something, but for me the
Hurd boots up fine on my laptop. You need to provide us with the complete error
message or with more information on what it is doing and also maybe 'cat
/proc/interrupts' from GNU/Linux too.

Also, there's no pcmcia support so unless you have a NIC installed on the PCI bus or
whatever you won't be able to do networking with it. 

Daniel E Baumann      danielb@freedevelopers.net 

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