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RE: hurd.gnu.org needs hacker documents

the minimalist floppies should have a section of their own,
the download url (Jeff will supply that), and it needs to be GNU FDL


the boiler plate for the webpages should be out in a couple days. I'm not
super happy with the GNU boiler plate so I'm going to make a few
modifications. It will be close to Jeff's boiler plate but a little less

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What changes would be needed to the hurd-cd page on debian.org?  I am
about to start editing it for the F2 CDs.


On Tue, 8 May 2001, Jim Franklin wrote:

> Hi folks,
>  The hurd.gnu.org website is being rebuilt. Any assistance is welcome. Any
> hacking documentation is welcome. Any hacking tips, tricks and/or voodoo
> welcome. The basic overall theme of the site is to attract new developers
> and acclimate them quickly to hacking the hurd. Any ideas are welcome. Any
> any is welcome :) Please cc any replies to web-hurd@gnu.org . If you want
> get up to speed on what's going on with the website construction please
> review the web-hurd@gnu.org archives for the last several weeks.
> Thx
> Jim Franklin
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