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Re: Some feedback on Hurd-F2

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 01:21:12PM +0200, Johannes Rohr wrote:
> Also the X core packages on Hurd-F2 are still 4.0.2. Except for the
> mentioned above font packages.

Then this will be fixed in the F3 images, as X is up to date now but wasn't
when Phil did the F2 image.

> > > Hope, these remarks are not completely useless.
> >
> > Absolutely not.  Thanks a lot.  In fact, we want more of those ;)
> Good. Well I experienced probs with some packages that would not install due
> to missing dependencies. One of them is tkman. Maybe not a crucial program,
> but the best man viewer I know. It wants rman which misses on Hurd-F2. The
> Debian/unstable source package of rman compiles normally on Hurd, but there
> is no pre-compiled deb yet on the Debian server.

Jeff can add it to the list.

> I don't know how dependancies are checked before building the ISO images.
> But I have the impression that this could still be improved. Also, I don't
> know who is responsible for providing the Hurd binary deb for a package. Is
> it the respective package maintainer? If so, the should maybe be urged, not
> to ignore the Hurd platform.

No, the burden lies on individual Hurd enthusiastics, so please bear with us
;)  Phil does the CD images and checks for dependencies, but he is not in a
position to update packages or compile missing packages, so he can only
report back to us what is causing the worst problems.  If you want to help
him with that, for example by writing a dependency checker that helps us to
prioritize, then that would be greatly appreciated.  There should already be
usable implementations for this (ask Anthony Towns, for example), and you
only need to collect the pieces and put them together and use them.

The current state of the archive is at http://hurd.sf.net/turtle right now. 
You will see that most packages are missing (> 2000 source packages).

Compiling packages is done by multiple people, but mostly by Jeff and me (I
did a lot in the past, and concentrate on individual packages now, while
Jeff is doing the bunch of it for quite some time now).  Whenever you find a
package that works out of the box, drop a message to Jeff (CC the list), and
he will add it to the automatic process.  We don't want to add all packages
right now, as then the autobuilder would be busy with 2200 source packages
were we don't know the status of, and waste a lot of time and other
resources.  But this will gradually improve, and wishlist items are
accepted, esp when we know that it already compiles and works, and we just
need to add the name to a list.

The Debian maintainer is only responsible for the source of the package.
He isn't require to produce any binaries.


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