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Re: Another package ported

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 10:26:48PM -0400, Igor Khavkine wrote:
> The only changes were the standard MAX*LEN problems. In the case
> of MAXHOSTNAMELEN, I just defined it to 256 following SUSv2. Even
> though the standard does not define this macro, it does say that
> hostnames can't be longer then 256 characters.

I always wondered about that.  In fact, I asked why we don't define it here
a year or so ago.  POSIX says in gethostname()

 Host names are limited to 255 bytes.

(at least in my recent draft).

So doesn't it make sense for us to define this macro? All users of
MAXHOSTNAMELEN rely on the standard POSIX interface, so even if the Hurd
itself is not limited by this, those programs might rightly rely on this
limit and still claim POSIX compatibility.  In fact, it seems if we want to
be POSIX compatible, we must not return hostnames longer than that limit, or?


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