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Re: LSH 1.2 works on systems that lack /dev/random?

"Jim Franklin" <cykick@home.com> writes:

>  We're in the process of rebuilding the hurd.gnu.org website. I was
> wondering if you had some tutorials, howto or other that we might hook into
> the website. The only link I have for lsh is:
> http://www.net.lut.ac.uk/psst/

There's a texinfo manual included in the source. I don't think there's
an updated web-version of it anywhere. Some links:

Official lsh archives


there are some mirrors, listed on the psst pages I think.

There's a live read-only cvs-http gateway


In particular, the latest version of the manual is at


The source distributions include generated info and html files, but
those are not present in the cvs tree.

> We would love to hook in some more lsh info or links if you can send them or
> point us toward them.

It would be a good thing to keep the html generated from the latest
manual online somewhere. I'm not sure about the best way to organize
that, though.

Of course, I appreciate feedback on the documentation.


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