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Re: Known bugs about gnumach ide and scsi part and hurd-isofs-translator?

Hopefully, the included Makefiles are useful for you, as I just sending them
from by outlook. I've found some ^L chars in them, and I wouldn't be
surprised if they don't actually belong there. Also I can't compile a kernel
as it states in the cplerr.log. I tried to change the vpath in the
Makefile.serverboot, but it didn't help.

> > Is there a serious problem with the terminfo entries?
> Not that I know of.  Please, if you think there is a problem, always
> all the information that is associated with it. Don't make a judgement if
> some information is important or not, as you can't make this decision if
> can't solve the prolbem yourself in the first place.
> Otherwise we are not making an inch progress, we have just exchanged empty
> phrases.
> > There might be serious error's installing a locale's package. A lot of
> > error-messages are thrown on the console, afterwards my console
> > shows me just "?" on each directory and files, so bin = ??? sbin=????
> > aso on each "ls". But doing a cat / <TAB> lists me all possibilities
> > correct.
> Again, you are not telling me anything that would help me understanding
> happened, not to speak of what the problem is.  I have not seen what was
> thrown on the console, and this is one of the most important information
> must provide if you expect us to be able to say anything useful.
> > BTW, before and while installing, perl gives me error-msg's about the
> > locale-setting's telling he want's to fall back to standard "C" POSIX.
> If you have set LC_ALL or LANG, you need to enable it in /etc/locale.gen
> run "locale-gen".
Some other problem that came up, was the locales-stuff, which gave me
at install per dpkg -i  of the locales-package the errors found in the

For the errors about the hd04 or the hd23, I can't provide a log-file, since
the "cat /dev/klog >/tmp/boot.log" doesn't work. The size of the boot.log
is everytime 0 bytes. When I do a "cat /dev/klog" , the messages come up
on screen, but a redirection won't work.


Henning Riedel
Student of Computer Science (Technical), IF99w1
HTW Mittweida, University of Applied Science
e-mail:        hriedel@htwm.de
Homepage:  http://www.htwm.de/hriedel

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