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Re: Hurd friendly Makefile

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 02:23:08PM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:

> I was going to do this
> ifeq ($(strip $(shell uname)),Linux)
>   LIBBB_CSRC+= interface.c module_syscalls.c syscalls.c
> endif
> to isolate linux specific code, but im told this wont work under a cross
> compiler.
> I dont know much about setting up cross compilers... anyone have a
> better suggestion for modifying a makefile (it doesnt use a configure)
> to switch behaviour if compiling for linux or the Hurd ?

In general, if you're not using autoconf and automake, your Makefile
probably won't usefully cross-compile anyway.  (Unless you've very
intentionally made this possible)

Are you doing this in the context of a Debian package?  If yes, look for $(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE) to be 'i386-linux' or 'i386-gnu'

Failing that, your uname trick is just as good as any others.

Jeff Bailey

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