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Re: The Hurd F2 iso images available

> I'm hoping that for the next CD we have more non-US (We should have
> gnupg, lsh-utils, openssl, w3m-ssl at least, and maybe others).  In
> that case it would be nice to move them onto a seperate CD and
> distribute that from the FSFEurope FTP site.

  When i tried to compile w3m, it fail because the terminal
information is stored in #ifdef's for each os that w3m can run on. 

  Could proftpd be added to the turtle.  I fixed compilation problems
with 1.2.2rc2 from the use of MAXPATHLEN, so hopefully future
 will compile and run on the hurd. 

James Morrison
   University of Waterloo
   Computer Science - Digital Hardware

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