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you need the grub boot loader



the grand universal bootloader

you need this and it needs to be set up to boot your GNU/HURD box



others may give you some more cook book steps (maybe not)

I had a dual boot machine

GNU/LINUX  and another part for GNU/HURD

I compiled grub under linus and installed it on the MBR
you have to copy the menulist over to you /boot/grub  dir and edit it

I actuall boot 3 os's  hurd, linux. and  {%-< duhos  (its a company laptop)

after you get grub installed and the menu set, you boot up and get a chosser
menu pick your os (really cool) if you fowl up the menu it is ok
grub allows you to edit the settings

by the way   HURD   does not use linux partition names
and grub counts partitions starting at 0

READ ALL THE README's and DOC's, it is not a trival procedure (to me at least)


Olivier Chapiteau was heard to say:
> First of all, sorry for my simple question :
> I use the ISO hurd 1 or 2 and in the both i can install the hurd base system, 
> but after that the reboot, tell me "no system", i use the resue floppy but i 
> can't launch de boot partition (i tried /dev/hda1/, etc...)
> it's the same with debian linux.
> Anyone can help me ?
> (i did not find any help on the install docs).
> thanks,
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