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current status of the archive


I have installed a cron job at sourceforge which should update a turtle
database with just all source packages and their up-to-dateness status
daily. No build logs are provided on this page.


	* All issues of the html design (no indices, just a large page of 510kb)
	* The debian-installer packages appear as missing even if they are
	* The list of source packages won't be automatically updated.

All these are defects in the turtle software and should be fixed next time
I get at it.

	* Contains just unstable/main currently.

The setup isn't too complex, if this should be somewhere else, I'd be just
as happy with another location.  The whole setup takes probaly 50 MB disk
space and 5 minutes system time for each update.

Here is the statistics:

   There are 4180 packages in this group. 129 packages are out of date, and
   need to be updated. 2512 packages are missing from the binary archive.

This means 1539 source packages are taken care of (either unapplicable,
binary-all or up-to-date).  Of the 2512 missing packages, some are
debian-installer packages which exist (a hand full), some are linux-any
but declared as any (many dozens, probably 100-200), but most are simply not
yet tried/ported.  I don't log these numbers currently, but if anybody is
interested in the hacking, it wouldn't be too hard to collocate the
statistics on each run.  (This is something that can probably be integrated
into turtle properly).


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