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37.5% boot time reduction in Lenny is possible (recipe) [DSA 1571-1] Heimdal Re: [OT] Need old Packages.gz and Release Files Re: [pkg-boost-devel] Bug#473752: Bug#473752: Bug#473752: Boost 1.35 has been released acpid package needs love and an active maintainer Re: Alioth and SSH: restored Alioth commit notification Git script Alioth slowness - web pages not loading, top showing 10.00+ am-utils and recent kernels analyzing popcon data for bogus recommends Attention: /usr/share/file/magic{,.mime} removal Availability of debian changelogs Re: being released from the hot seat Re: Bits from the ftp team bright.paul1747 has asked you a question BTS pseudo-package: ? bts-link fuck up Bug #475130: spfmilter: eats first Received header Re: Bug#427697: Is sbackup maintained? If not, what to do? Re: Bug#449097: Bits from the ftp team Bug#472706: ITA: bdfresize -- Resize BDF Format Font Re: Bug#478689: ITP: getopt -- Command-line parsing for GNU R Re: Bug#478779: ITP: mumble -- Low latency VoIP system Bug#478783: ITP: sequel -- Lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby Bug#478811: ITP: sunpinyin -- An input method engine based on SLM Bug#478846: ITP: gtk-qt-engine-kde4 -- theme engine using Qt 4 for GTK+ 2.x Bug#479031: ITP: nagios-pnp -- Graphing performance data from Nagios with RRDTool Re: Bug#479152: ITP: core -- Jane Street Capital's alternative standard library for OCaml Bug#479152: ITP: core -- Jane Street Capital's alternative standard library for OCaml Bug#479160: ITP: sexplib310 -- automated conversions between OCaml-values and S-expressions Bug#479161: ITP: sexplib -- Automatic S-Expression for OCaml Bug#479162: ITP: type-conv -- Camlp4 preprocessor type conversions support for OCaml Bug#479164: ITP: bin-prot -- Binary protocol generator for OCaml Bug#479198: ITP: libdbicx-testdatabase-perl -- Create a temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema Bug#479203: ITP: libclass-workflow-perl -- Lightweight workflow system Bug#479206: ITP: libcurses-ui-poe-perl -- A subclass makes Curses::UI POE Friendly Re: Bug#479220: Additional information Re: Bug#479220: perl upgrade fails Bug#479221: ITP: libautobox-perl -- Allows calling methods on builtin Perl types Bug#479233: ITP: r-base-core-ra -- Ra patch for just-in-time compilation of R code Re: Bug#479238: ITP: res -- OCaml library for automatically resizing contiguous data structure Bug#479238: ITP: res -- OCaml library for automatically resizing contiguous data structure Bug#479367: ITP: fqterm -- a cross-platform terminal emulator Bug#479397: RFA: gutenprint -- printer drivers for CUPS Bug#479440: ITP: funpidgin -- A pidgin fork Bug#479553: ITP: thinkcspy2 -- free Python book for beginning programmers Bug#479659: RFH: wine -- Windows API implementation Bug#479706: ITP: etcgit -- manage /etc with git Bug#479734: ITP: zaapt -- Programmer's CMS framework which allows easy addition of content types (Perl Mason/Postgres) Bug#479882: ITP: clp -- Coin-or linear programming solver Bug#479951: RFH: kvm -- Full virtualization on x86 hardware Bug#479953: Mail headers for automated package maintenance emails Bug#479953: marked as done (uniform field for automated package maintenance email messages) Bug#479953: uniform header for automated package maintenance emails Bug#480035: ITP: libruby-rack -- A modular Ruby webserver interface Bug#480040: ITP: libruby-ramaze -- A simple, light and modular web application framework Bug#480074: ITP: libjna-java -- Dynamically access native libraries from Java without JNI. Bug#480103: ITP: gmpc-shout -- shoutcast plugin for gmpc Re: Bug#480104: ITP: ice -- Internet Communications Engine Bug#480112: ITP: libmetaid-ruby -- Some additional methods to make Ruby metaprogramming easier Re: Bug#480165: ITP: synce-trayicon -- GNOME system tray icon for SynCE Bug#480165: ITP: synce-trayicon -- GNOME system tray icon for SynCE Bug#480274: ITP: lxsession-lite -- a lightweight X11 session manager (lite version) Bug#480287: ITP: xmltooling -- Open source XMLTooling library Bug#480311: ITP: libtemplate-provider-encoding-perl -- Template plugin to specify encoding Bug#480348: ITP: synce-hal -- Daemon to maintain a connection to Windows Mobile devices via hal Bug#480383: ITP: libdevel-leak-perl -- Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed. Bug#480438: ITP: ocaml-bjack -- OCaml blocking API to jack audio connection kit Bug#480440: ITP: libfastthread-ruby -- extension which re-implements the primitives in Bug#480441: ITP: librspec-ruby -- Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby. Bug#480442: ITP: libdataobject-ruby -- Rewrite existing Ruby database drivers to conform to a single interface. Bug#480453: ITP: libdatamapper-ruby -- Object relational mapper for Ruby Bug#480509: ITP: mudkip-player -- an XMMS replacement Bug#480510: ITP: lenmus -- music education software to learn music theory and lenguage Bug#480514: general: : Need a crossbuilding buildd compliant with Emdebian Policy Bug#480515: gconf unable to be uploaded, libldap-2.4-2 failed to cross build Bug#480518: libgpewidget needs DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="nodocs" support in debhelper Bug#480521: gpe-clock inherits wrong configure environment Bug#480583: ITP: libheckle-ruby -- Heckle is a mutation tester. Bug#480584: ITP: libdifflcs-ruby -- A port of Algorithm::Diff that uses the McIlroy-Hunt longest common subsequence (LCS) Bug#480673: ITP: gnome-do-plugins -- a collection of plugins for gnome-do, offering integration to mail, music etc. Bug#480695: ITP: libparsetree-ruby -- Extracts the parse tree for an entire class or a specific method and returns it as a s-expression Bug#480697: ITP: libruby2ruby-ruby -- generating pure ruby code easily from Bug#480706: coreutils fails to cross build Bug#480709: cupsys fails to cross build, cannot be updated Bug#480710: avahi cannot be updated, new version fails to cross build Bug#480711: curl cross built but unable to upload, missing dependencies Bug#480712: e2fsprogs fails to cross build, unable to update package Bug#480715: New version of 'file' fails to cross build, unable to update package. Bug#480716: New version of findutils fails to cross build, prevents update in Emdebian Bug#480717: [RM] {arm} (unstable) gcc-4.2 not needed in Emdebian anymore? Re: Bug#480718: Unable to update gnome-vfs, new version fails to cross build Bug#480718: Unable to update gnome-vfs, new version fails to cross build Bug#480722: gtk+2.0 fails to update, udeb fails to cross build Bug#480729: ncurses cannot be updated, new version fails to cross build Bug#480730: Unable to update ntp - new version fails to cross build Bug#480756: ITP: gtkwhiteboard -- GTK+ Wiimote Whiteboard Bug#480925: support for playing blu-ray discs Bug#480964: ITP: libservlet2.5-java -- Version 2.5 of the Java Servlet API (includes version 2.1 of JSP and EL APIs). Bug#480966: ITP: libvalidatable-ruby -- provide ActiveRecord looking validations Bug#480982: ITP: subunit -- Protocol for reporting unit test progress - tools Bug#481074: O: pycurl -- Python bindings to libcurl Bug#481078: ITP: konq-kim -- image service menu for Konqueror Bug#481082: ITP: crypt++el -- Emacs-Lisp Code for handling compressed and encrypted files Bug#481142: ITP: libhtml-tableparser-perl -- Perl library to extract data from an HTML table. Bug#481450: ITP: libbiblio-endnotestyle-perl -- Reference formatting using Endnote-like templates Bug#481471: ITP: octave-tsa -- time series analysis in Octave Bug#481490: ITP: unionfs-fuse -- user-space directory concatenation Bug#481544: ITP: libiptables-chainmgr-perl -- Perl extension for manipulating iptables policies Bug#481616: ITP: mumudvb -- Multicast a DVB transponder over multiple IP addresses Bug#481756: ITP: libmath-calculus-differentiate-perl -- Algebraic Differentiation Engine Bug#481929: ITP: libmath-algebra-symbols-perl -- Symbolic Algebra in pure perl Re: Bug#481973: ITP: libiptables-parse-perl -- Perl extension for parsing iptables firewall rulesets Bug#481973: ITP: libiptables-parse-perl -- Perl extension for parsing iptables firewall rulesets Bug#481980: RFP: Jubler -- Jubler Subtitle Editor Bug#482047: ITP: openssl-blacklist -- list of blacklisted OpenSSL RSA keys Bug#482051: ITP: libcompress-raw-bzip2-perl -- low-level interface to libbz2 compression library Bug#482054: ITP: libio-compress-bzip2-perl -- Read and write bzip2-compressed files and buffers in perl Bug#482073: ITP: wnpp -- libwill-paginate-ruby Bug#482124: ITP: lxnm -- Lightweight X11 Network Manager Bug#482162: ITP: haskell-safe -- Library for safe (pattern match free) functions. Bug#482165: ITP: lxappearance -- a new feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher Bug#482169: ITP: lxlauncher -- Easy-Mode launcher for subnotebook like EeePC Bug#482269: ITP: libmath-sparsevector-perl -- Provides a sparse vector class for perl Bug#482272: ITP: libmath-sparsematrix-perl -- Provides a sparse matrix class for perl Bug#482277: ITP: unbound -- validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver Bug#482278: ITP: libtext-csv-perl -- comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) Bug#482334: ITP: trac-git -- Git version control backend for Trac Bug#482342: ITP: madfuload -- Firmware loader for M-Audio DFU audio devices Bug#482390: ITP: unbound -- Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver. Re: Bug#482414: ITP: guake -- A drop-down terminal for Gnome Desktop Environment Bug#482414: ITP: guake -- A drop-down terminal for Gnome Desktop Environment Bug#482486: ITP: libcddb-perl -- high-level interface to cddb protocol servers (freedb and CDDB) Bug#482555: ITP: patman -- DNA pattern matcher for short sequences Bug#482589: ITP: shrewsoft-vpn-client -- free IPsec client including graphical user interface Bug#482596: ITP: octave-xraylib -- Bindings to the Xraylib functions Bug#482612: ITP: libdevel-calltrace-perl -- Perl code tracer Bug#482613: ITP: octave-triangular -- Simple example of a user type implementing a simple matrix type for triangular matrices Bug#482614: ITP: octave-symband -- Linear Algebra for Symmetric Banded Matrices Bug#482615: ITP: octave-tcl-octave -- socket implementation of a tcl-octave connection Bug#482616: ITP: octave-secs2d -- A Drift-Diffusion simulator for 2d semiconductor devices Bug#482617: ITP: octave-secs1d -- A Drift-Diffusion simulator for 1d semiconductor devices Bug#482618: ITP: octave-pdb -- Reads and display PDB-files from the Brookhaven protein databank Bug#482619: ITP: octave-ocs -- Package for solving DC and transient MNA equation stemming from electrical circuit Bug#482620: ITP: octave-multicore -- An Octave-forge package providing functions for Bug#482622: ITP: octave-msh -- Package for creating and managing triangular and tetrahedral meshes for Finite Element or Finite Volume PDE solvers. Bug#482846: ITP: arora -- simple cross platform web browser. Bug#482913: ITP: daptup -- see changes in new & upgradeable lists after aptitude update Bug#482921: Bug#482902: please provide libc6-hppa64 and libc6-hppa64-dev packages Bug#482994: general: gnome applications fails to print with cups on remote printer, authorization request not fullfilled. Bug#482998: ITP: memcachedb -- Persistent storage engine using the memcache protocol Bug#483002: ITP: libgit-ruby -- Ruby implementation of the Git revision control system Bug#483003: ITP: ticgit -- ticketing system built on Git Bug#483046: ITP: liblqr -- converts plain array images in multi-size representation Bug#483124: ITP: yabause -- Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator Bug#483125: ITP: dotlrn -- e-learning and digital communities software based on OpenACS Bug#483126: ITP: openacs -- Open Architecture Community System Bug#483165: ITP: lfhex -- large file hex editor Bug#483211: ITP: eboard-extras-pack2 -- Additional piece sets and sounds for eboard (pack 2) Bug#483297: ITP: fossology -- Free and Open Source Software analysis framework Bug#483364: ITP: libmoose-policy-perl -- Allows specification of Moose meta-policy Bug#483373: ITP: libmoosex-strictconstructor-perl -- Makes Moose object constructors blow up on unknown attributes Bug#483490: ITP: switchsh -- bind-mount bash as /bin/sh Bug#483656: ITP: libsub-identify-perl -- Retrieve names of code references Bug#483661: ITP: r-cran-amelia -- R package for handling missing data Bug#483685: ITP: pkcs11-dump -- Dump PKCS#11 token content Bug#483717: ITP: pkcs11-data -- Manage PKCS#11 data objects Bug#483719: ITP: python-scikits-openopt -- Python module for numerical optimization Bug#483721: ITP: qcontrol -- hardware control for QNAP TS-109 and TS-209 Bug#483856: ITP: oss4 -- Next generation of the Open Sound System Bug#483899: ITP: sockstat -- clone of freebsd's sockstat(1) utility Bug#72140: marked as done (Setting up libraries too slow) Re: pseudo-package and Emdebian bugs building a package two times Can I use 'apt-get source' from debian/rules ? changing subjects when discussion becomes slightly off-topic - Was: Re: ssl security desaster (was: Re: SSH keys: DSA vs RSA) Re: changing subjects when discussion becomes slightly off-topic - Was: Re: ssl security desaster (was: Re: SSH keys: DSA vs RSA) Re: changing subjects when discussion becomes slightly off-topic - Was: Re: ssl security desaster (was: Re: SSH keys: DSA vs RSA) clive: volatile or not-for-stable? conffiles handling between version up conglomeration packages (Re: Will nvidia-graphics-drivers ever transition to testing?) Current build status of the mips port Davide Puricelli and the chicken package : Why ~/.ssh/ to setup OpenSSH for RSA Re: : Why ~/.ssh/ to setup OpenSSH for RSA deactivated native samba support in mc Re: Debian Menu transition status Debian patches Debian tcl/tk policy: where to put shared libs? Re: Debian's eboard package debian-installer: driver disk compatibility Re: board changes debug packages, was: Large data packages in the archive Default Gnome-theme Disruptive changes in dhelp divergence from upstream as a bug Dropping{stable,testing,unstable}_probs .html extensive patching funny outputs of ssh-vulnkey FYI: VCS choice these days Re: Generated changes and patch systems Generated files and patch systems The last update was on 07:04 GMT Thu May 02. There are 1149 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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