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Re: divergence from upstream as a bug

Don Armstrong wrote:
> > Other tags and BTS data can be used if desired. For example,
> > "divergence fixed-upstream", "divergence wontfix", "divergence
> > help". Versioning information can be used to track when an upstream
> > version resolves the divergence. Discussion and updated patches can
> > be CCed to the bug log.
> I wouldn't be averse to adding this divergence tag; I'd be even more
> convinced if a few people would try this out using usertags just as a
> proof of concept before I do so. Please e-mail owner@ and/or file a
> wishlist bug against bugs.debian.org with that request so I don't
> forget.

I think that going back and collecting all the patches I've sent to
upstreams over the years, and any I've dropped on the floor, and keeping
it up-to-date going forward will help me maintain my packages better
anyway, so I plan to do that this week. Though usertags will be a bit

> > The BTS could be enhanced to allow opening a bug and forwarding it
> > upstream in a single message. (IIRC currently, it takes two). This
> > would allow a very simple workflow where a DD makes a change to a
> > package, generates a patch, and sends it upstream while also
> > recording the divergence in the BTS.
> This is a needed feature that I'm working on; it'll come along with
> being able to set almost any of the control@ features at submit@ time.


see shy jo

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