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Re: divergence from upstream as a bug

On Mon, 19 May 2008, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> How I'm reading the latter paragraph is that patch messages are
> *alternative* as some non-patch summary message, am I wrong? I think
> the two should be orthogonal: you can have or not a summary message,
> you can have or not a patch.

The idea was that a patch, since it would actually contain the
resolution of the original problem, would be the correct place to
summarize the problem. However, on thinking about it more, I think
that having a single summary, with a set of patches and possibly
attachments located near the summary is the way to go. I haven't
completely decided how this should be implemented, though.

> But still this does not solve another problem we have with patch
> management in the BTS: they are sometimes inlined, while sometimes
> the are attached. Can't we fix attachment as the required format for
> patches? (e.g. forcing an attachment if one wants to add +patch or
> something similar). This + the forthcoming ability above to identify
> *the* latest patch will give us the ability to automatically extract
> patches from bug reports.

This is an unecessary restriction, as not all patches need necessarily
be diff files. Making it easy to extract extractable patches should be
good enough; those that can't will just have to refer to a message.

Don Armstrong

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