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deactivated native samba support in mc


I've disabled after thinking a long time over this issue, the native samba 
support in mc. I hope that not so much people used that.

My reasons for disabling this feature is that this was based on a 
statically linked in samba lib from 1996... without any updates to it.
Since the features of samba changed since 1996 a lot it is clear that there 
were quite many issues with that feature.
See #451964  & #432324 for example. 

Furthermore I had some fears that his lib might contains some security 
bugs... so deactivating this feature would solve several problems.

If there is anybody who is interested in this feature please mail me, since 
upstream is pretty dead there is no great chance that he will fix this in 
a reasonable time. So if someone have good C skills and would like to help 
to port mc to link dynamically against libsmbclient please start working 
on it ;-)


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