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Re: divergence from upstream as a bug

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   The 3 first. I assumed that everyone knows it's best to present a
> summary of your idea in the first paragraph.

You seem to have actually missed the second sentence, "A change might be
a bug in upstream, or in the debianisation, or in Debian for requiring
the change.".

nyway, I assume that people read the entirety of what I write before
blindly reacting to it. People who show they're not tend to get ignored
or have their reactions discounted after a while.

> > In my original mail, I said that bugs tagged as divergences could
> > likewise be sorted out of the way.
>   I'm not convinced

You're not convinced that divergences could be sorted out of the way in
the bug display? Is there something in the BTS code that makes you think
that cannot be done?

> and for what it's worth, it's yet another
> (unreadable) place upstreams will have to look at (and won't because
> they just can't follow every bug tracker out there that isn't theirs).

You still seem to be missing things that I wrote in my first mail. In
particular, bugs can be forwarded upstream.

see shy jo

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