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Re: Availability of debian changelogs

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Neil Williams wrote:
> To view the actual changelog:
> $ sudo aptitude install deb-gview
> $ deb-gview http://incoming.debian.org/aptitude_0.4.11.3-1_ia64.deb
> This also allows you to view the maintainer scripts, copyright, symbols
> file, shlibs file and any other text/manpage/image content of any .deb
> or .udeb in any location, including foreign architectures. To view
> all .debs from an upload, pass the .changes file to deb-gview instead
> (but note that this results in one window per .deb and all those need to
> be downloaded using GIO).
Thanks. But, downloading .deb's costs in traffic in time. Suppose that
maintainer updated kernel package. It's not convenient to download 20M
only for viewing a changelog - i want look at changelog to decide,
should i upgrade this package or no. As i see, deb-gview also have to
download all needed debs to work, right?

> http://incoming.debian.org/
> Even if the package itself has moved out of incoming and is beginning
> propagation to the mirrors, there is usually a build from a port waiting
> in incoming - in the case of aptitude, ia64 is currently in incoming:
Is there any reason do not put new changelog to pool, then propagate
package(s) to all mirrors, and then remove old changelog from pool? In
such case problem of viewing changelogs will be eliminated.

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