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Re: Attention: /usr/share/file/magic{,.mime} removal

Daniel Baumann wrote:
>> So it looks to me that file is recreating the (cached) binary versions from
>> the "information purpose only" source files, right?
> no, /usr/share/file/magic.mgc and magic.mime.mgc are files own magics,
> they are not supposed to be recompiled or touched by anyone after they
> have been installed.
> however, what i was writing about is that since version 4.24, file is
> able to use other binary magic files *in addition*. if you are a package
> wanting to ship your own magics or mimes, you compile them at
> installation time into /usr/share/file/$package.mgc, which then will be
> used by file automatically.

the 'automatic' was refering to the file sources. magics were created
from magic/Magdir/* files; and completely independent of that, there was
another list containing mime entries. Those should have been kept in
sync, but oviously, the were not and constantly lacking behind. Now, the
mime informations are in the same files in magic/Magdir/* as an addition
of the file magic syntax, so mime entries can be created from the same
sources as the magics automatically.

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