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Re: Bug#479953: uniform header for automated package maintenance emails

On Thursday 8 May 2008 00:14, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> b. Every tool sending (machine generated) mail to Debian Developers
>    should add a header of the form
>      X-Debian: $TOOL
>    and so clearly mark that it is an automagic generated mail by
>    $TOOL. Every bit more information, like what script exactly did
>    generate the mail, should be in seperate X-whatever headers.[1]

I would like it if the proposal also had something allong the lines that if 
the message concerns a specific package, it would add a X-Debian-Package: 
<packagename> header aswell (e.g. DAK, testing migration, PTS mails etc), to 
make the following things uniform:

X-Debian-PR-Package: apt-file
X-Testing-Watch-Package: apt-file


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