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Bug#479953: uniform header for automated package maintenance emails

Package: general
Severity: wishlist

With all the (helpful) email that a package maintainer gets nowadays, BTS, 
PTS, Dak, DDPOMail robot, BTS link, etc., it becomes ever weirder to just 
filter them into appropriate mail folders.  To illustrate that, here are 
procmail rules that I have assembled over time:

* ^X-Debian-PR-Message:
* ^X-Katie:
* ^X-PTS-
* ^From:.*(installer|katie|dak)@((ftp-master|spohr)\.debian\.org|backports\.org)
* ^From: DDPOMail robot <lucas-ddpomail@debian\.org>
* ^X-BTS-Link:

I think it would be very nice to press these into some common form, such as

X-Debian: BTS
X-Debian: DAK
X-Debian: PTS
X-Debian: BTS-link

or alternatively

X-Debian-BTS: $moreinfo
X-Debian-DAK: $moreinfo

Maybe there is a quasi-standard for constructing these X- headers.


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