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Re: divergence from upstream as a bug

Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net> writes:

> On 18/05/08 at 15:55 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Esspecially when you have debian specific patches where things are a
>> clear divergence there won't be an upstream record.
> If there's a patch that is not going to be useful outside of Debian, and
> it's 100% clear, why should I even create a bug on the BTS about it?
> There's no point in discussing something that doesn't need discussion.

Because it is a divergence. Documenting only divergences upstream will
accept would be short sighted.

>> I agree with you that the bug description should be a summary. The BTS
>> would be the history of the patch. The how and why it became. If that
>> info is in upstreams BTS then you would just link that.
>> > 2) It makes the BTS another place to look at for upstreams or other
>> > distros interested in our patches.
>> What other place is there currently besides extracting the source and
>> checking that?
> The source package's debian/patches dir, which will still be the
> canonical place to get the up-to-date patch?

That assumes everyone uses debian/patches. Would be nice but that is
not reality.

>> > 4) The bureaucracy/usefulness ratio looks very high to me. After all,
>> > we spent 15 years not doing that, and it seems to me that many patches
>> > are small and don't require any discussion, so the overhead would be
>> > huge. Maybe we could try a simpler solution first?
>> "bts tag 1234 + ..." or (Fixes: 1234) in changelog and CCing mails to
>> the BTS. Not mutch work.
> That's not enough. It doesn't extract the relevant patch automatically

That was said to be optional. Once you know that there is a patch you
can always download the source and get it or patches.d.o could have it.

> and update the corresponding bug report, and it doesn't work with
> version-tracking, which would need to be updated have 3 notions:
> - notfound (already exist)


> - fixed using a Debian specific patch

(Fixes: #1234) in changelog.

> - fixed in upstream

(Closes: #1234) in changelog

Or equivalent mails to control. Fixes would do version tracking just
like closes does.


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