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Re: Attention: /usr/share/file/magic{,.mime} removal

Bernhard R. Link wrote:
>> [0] they *could* change format suddenly, only the library and its
>>     bindings are safe.
> And where is this documented? (It has a documentation for the format, so
> I guess if that was supposed to be "writing" only, that was a canonical
> place to state it).

what do you mean, documentation about the format, documentation about
the recent change, or documentation about to not modify
/usr/share/file/magic* directly?

> Thanks for the warning and the compaitibility wrapper. But please also
> advertise that a bit wider. Just a mail to debian-devel is hardly enough
> when breaking an advertised interface.

err, this is a first attention mail approximately 4 to 6 month before
lenny release..

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