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Re: Attention: /usr/share/file/magic{,.mime} removal

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> So how can a sysadmin add rules?

just like before, /etc/magic and /etc/magic.mime. this change is only
about packages wrongly using /usr/share/file/magic{,.mime}.

>> However, as of file version 4.24, the format of the sources has changed
>> in order to compile the mime files from the magics automatically[1].
>> This means, that if you are using the magic or magic.mime files
>> directly, your package will break anyway.
> So it looks to me that file is recreating the (cached) binary versions from
> the "information purpose only" source files, right?

no, /usr/share/file/magic.mgc and magic.mime.mgc are files own magics,
they are not supposed to be recompiled or touched by anyone after they
have been installed.

however, what i was writing about is that since version 4.24, file is
able to use other binary magic files *in addition*. if you are a package
wanting to ship your own magics or mimes, you compile them at
installation time into /usr/share/file/$package.mgc, which then will be
used by file automatically.

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