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Re: Generated files and patch systems

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 01:07:56PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:

> So I am running the relevant autotools at build time but I still get the
> warning.

If you run autotools at build time you should also ensure that the
changes which autotools makes are reverted in the clean target.  This
means that your diff doesn't get cluttered with automatically generated
things and ensures that repeated builds of the package produce the same

This is the same idea as patch systems reverting the changes they make
in the clean target.

> Do I have to move aclocal.m4 aside in debian/rules and move it back? How
> does that help? - it'll still be in the .diff.gz under a different
> filename. That doesn't help the build-twice release goal issue. Yes, the
> package meets the letter of the release goal by building twice in a row
> but not without either spurious lintian overrides or spurious lintian
> warnings.

If you actually move it back in the clean target (rather than just
copying it back) then it won't appear in the diff.gz.

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