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Re: deactivated native samba support in mc

On Sun, 18 May 2008, Patrick Winnertz wrote:

If there is anybody who is interested in this feature please mail me, since
upstream is pretty dead there is no great chance that he will fix this in
a reasonable time. So if someone have good C skills and would like to help
to port mc to link dynamically against libsmbclient please start working
on it ;-)

And as I told you in private before: Waiting for unresponsive upstream
does not make sense and thus I would recommend starting a common effort
with maintainers of other distros to continue upstream development.  If
upstream is stubborn not to join this effort start a "High noon commander"
project or whatever you might call it. ;-)

There are so many people working with Midnight Commander - I can not
really believe that this effort to revitalise development should fail.

Kind regards



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