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Davide Puricelli and the chicken package


  The last version of Chicken Scheme packaged for Debian is 2.5, which
is very old, and there is a number of Chicken extensions that cannot
be compiled with it, which has led to numerous complaints by new users
of Chicken, who install the Debian or Ubuntu package without realizing
it is out-of-date. There have been several wishlist requests for
package update, without any result. I have emailed Davide Puricelli as
recently as April 24, and so far I have not received any response. I
have updated the Debian package scripts so that the latest version of
Chicken can be built, and I will be very happy to share them with any
interested Debian developers. Is there anyone on this list who wants
to take over the Chicken package? Thanks,

   -Ivan Raikov

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