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Re: [pkg-boost-devel] Bug#473752: Bug#473752: Bug#473752: Boost 1.35 has been released

"Steve M. Robbins" <steve@sumost.ca> writes:

> I see some value in the granularity of having each shared lib live on
> its own: a system that needs only Boost.Regexp doesn't have to pay the
> disk space for also having Boost.Python.  But maybe it's not so
> important.  Does anyone care?

Absolutely.  As a user of boost, I only want the specific libraries my
packages use installed, otherwise there's a number of extra libraries
to be installed for no reason at all.  I really don't want the extra

> A compromise position is to keep the 2 Python packages separate --
> since they pull in heavier dependencies (python et al) -- but roll the
> rest of the boost shared libs together.

Personally, I like the existing separate packages for each bit of
boost, and I would really like that kept if at all possible.


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