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Debian's eboard package


the latest eboard package in unstable is version 1.0.3-1. It is rather
unusable, because it keeps crashing frequently (#452686). Meanwhile, upstream
has moved on to version 1.1.1, released three months ago.

I have tried to contact the maintainer on this issue four days ago, without
reply to date.

However, seeing that the latest package is more than a year old, and there is
a one-year-old bug constating the wish for a 1.0.4 package (#427434), it seems
to me that the maintainer is not interested in the package.

As I frequently use eboard and have done some "hobby" packages before, I'd
like to take care of the package. What exactly is the procedure to follow in
this case?

I understand that this will probably take some time (and 4 days isn't exactly
a long period to wait for an answer ;-)), but I'd like to do some work on the
package anyways. Upstream has released 2 versions since 1.0.3; would you
recommend to package both or only the latest one?

Best regards,

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