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Re: Bug#479238: ITP: res -- OCaml library for automatically resizing contiguous data structure

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Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> writes:

> On Sun, May 04, 2008 at 12:27:29PM +1000, Ben Finney wrote:
> > Please change this to a package name that is less generic, and
> > conforms with other OCaml library packages. 'libres-ocaml' would
> > be better.
> This is the source package name, as in all ITPs, not the binary
> package name. No OCaml package has a source name like libFOO-ocaml,
> they all have *binaries* called libFOO-ocaml-dev.

Regardless, 'res' is an overly general name. The package should be
more specific to the fact that it's an OCaml library. The time to
choose an appropriate name is now rather than later.

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