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Bug#479953: uniform header for automated package maintenance emails

On 11378 March 1977, Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> I think it would be very nice to press these into some common form, such as
> X-Debian: BTS
> X-Debian: DAK
> X-Debian: PTS
> X-Debian: BTS-link

> Maybe there is a quasi-standard for constructing these X- headers.

While I think most of daks mails do have X-Katie or X-DAK headers I do
like X-Debian: FOO and so will go and _add_ this to *all* dak mails
now. Including the queue daemon. Should be merged later today.

> I think that would be a great thing to have. It could be implemented as
> an addition to the existing stuff, of course, to make transition easier.

So lets create a new standard by doing stuff. Lets define:

a. Every tool can add X-whatever headers as it sees fit.

b. Every tool sending (machine generated) mail to Debian Developers
   should add a header of the form

     X-Debian: $TOOL

   and so clearly mark that it is an automagic generated mail by
   $TOOL. Every bit more information, like what script exactly did
   generate the mail, should be in seperate X-whatever headers.[1]

Unless someone cries I send a little mail to d-d-a about it tomorrow.

[1] for dak that would be X-Katie and X-DAK.

bye, Joerg
Please, not the graphviz one again, I only just finished the therapy I had
to start after I read it the first time. I'm sure this one was written by
some sort of non-human entity. I would go for lawyers.

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