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Re: divergence from upstream as a bug

Joey Hess wrote:

FWIW, I like the general idea of tracking upstream diverge with a bug.

> Mike Hommey wrote:
>> The BTS would also need something to make it easier to spot patches in a
>> bug. Patch tracking is one of the few things bugzilla is not bad at, for
>> instance.
> I guess you're talking about a way for the BTS allow downloading of the last
> (or preferred) patch sent to a bug. And not just deciding when to set
> the "patch" tag. That would be useful for the QA tool that checks if
> divergence's patches match the debianised source. Dunno if it's
> mandatory, the tool could also use heuristics, or try every attachment
> that looks like a patch and see which, if any, match.

BTS currently has two deficiencies compared to Bugzilla when it comes
to handling patches:

- No defined way to store patches (and fetching them automically)
  Some people add them as attachments, some people inline them in a
  mail, some send an archive etc.
  And some PHP people send full modified sources :-)
- Bugzilla has the neat feature to mark a patch as obsoleting a
  previously posted bug, which is often very helpful in complicated
  bug with several rounds of review and fixups


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